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Pomerol tasting notes A-L


Below are tasting notes on Pomerol châteaux A-L starting with Château Beauregard. Click on the individual links in the drop down menus for more details on each property. Click on the tasting notes M-Z here to access the remaining tasting notes on Pomerol. 

Château Beauregard

  • 2015 Mid depth, ripe looking; perfumed and attractive Pomerol; lovely spice from the Cabernet Franc; Cab Franc currently dominates the palate; elegance and freshness but also texture. I like the wine. Funky and fresh. Great new cellar at Beauregard which is now also under new ownership. Hope the price doesn’t creep up, as this has traditionally been one of Pomerol’s good buys in the past. [75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc, 13.8% alc]. Tasted UGCB 6/4/16. Drink 2020-2030. 91-93+
  • 2014 Deepish; vibrant edge; clean fruit aromatics; plums and ripe cherry aromas; spicy; pretty fruit; some oak on the palate; needs to settle but the fruit is juicy and fragrant. Hint of jam too. Grip on the finish. [65% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2019-2027. Tasted UGCB 1st April, 2015. 88-90
  • 2013 Healthy colour; polished, pure and attractive; spices, some wood and purity; needs to meld a little on the palate; quite low key and not stretched. Elegant. Finishes OK. [80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted UGCB April 2, 2014. 85-87
  • 2012 Deepish; bright and high toned aromatics; fresh spices and plum tones; blackcurrant fruit; inky; nice chew to the palate with good balance between the fruit, structure and acidity. Sappy and vibrant Pomerol with plenty of flesh. [70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2015-2025. 89+ UGC Oct ’14 [Earlier note] Deep and dense looking; pretty thick nose; dark fruits; oak on the palate, perfume, spicy plum tones; spicy finish. Very good. 88-90 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc. Tasted at UGC 10 April 2013
  • 2011 Mid depth; creamy blackcurrant tones; fresh stalky blackcurrants; needs more flesh on the palate but they have handled the fruit well – elegant with perfume. Drink 2014-2021. 87 UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier] Mid colour, lightish; attractive fruit, some plums and spice, quite attractive; soft palate, some spice and perfume, plummy palate, elegant and not over extracted. Fresh, lightish and easy. Overall cooler and fresher, less saturated in colour and flavour than some but balanced and harmonious. [30% Cabernet Franc, 70% Merlot] 86-88+ UGC April‘12
  • 2010 Deep and saturated looking; lovely creamy fruits on the nose; very enticing; more freshness here with some nicely perfumed Cabernet Franc; adds a spicy Menthol note to the aromatics; pure palate with creamy feel; lots of depth and substance; excellent wine. One of the best Beauregards I’ve tasted. Drink now-2030. 92+ MW Institute Nov ’14 [Earlier note] Deepish; spicy plum, fresh cherry; ripe spicy plum and blackcurrant characters on the palate; little leaf and menthol note; good chew and sap on the finish; appetizing. Medium bodied leafy blackcurrant/plum style. Nice and very drinkable. 90 UGC 2012 [Earlier] Deep and saturated; ripe, some rasiny notes; quite a thick style, little straightforward; goodish grip and some degree of freshness but lacks the flamboyance of the best 88-90/100 [65% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc, alc 14.6%] 6 April 2011 UGC
  • 2009 Deep and saturated look; very ripe full notes; saturated with plums and Cabernet Franc ripeness; pretty big on the palate with lots of extract and spices; chewy and full. Drink now – 2025. 90 MW Institute Nov ’13 [Earlier note] Mid depth; very dense looking; warm spicy nose with lift; attractive methol, black fruits and plums; fat palate with very good depth; this is nice wine; maybe lacks a bit of complexity but is very full and a joy to drink. [70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc]. Great value and best Beauregard I’ve had. 91+/100 UGC 2011 [Earlier] Mid red/black; quite dense; solid fruit nose, some sweetness; attractive; some red fruits and also minerals and chalk; palate quite taut and dense; nicely done with chocolate. Well balanced compared to the wines of St Emilion. Very good. [Later] Appealing fruit driven nose; some red fruits; attractive and violets. Will give lots of pleasure. Palate sweet entry and attractive.92+/100. Tasted 31st March 2010.
  • 2008 Deep, opaque at centre; earthy mature claret feel [thank God]; leafy easy palate with some vibrancy and appeal. Nice chew and decent extract and fruit. No blockbuster but good. 88 MW Institute Nov 2012 [Earlier] Deep, up to the edge; some plums, fresh and fruit driven and quite open; some stalks blackcurrants too; ripe palate, quite intense with extract; some lift but layers to the palate. Overall a good wine with lots of extract and material here. This should age well. Impressive 90+/100 UGC 2010
  • 2007 Deep and earthy looking; attractive leafy, tobacco and black fruits nose; blackcurrant, gum and leafy tones on the palate; some grip and tannin but this is an attractive effort. 88/100 MW Institute Nov ’11 [Earlier] Deep, quite deep; sturdy and attractive wine with good density; attractive palate with structure and substance. Not bad. Grippy wine on the more substantial side of Pomerol. 88+/100 UGC Oct ’09

Château Beau Soleil

  • 2015 Mid depth; vibrant purple meniscus; attractive sour cherry and plum tones; freshness with some summer fruit pudding tones; lovely aromatics; coffee notes; some vibrancy; cherry and plum fruits; moreish; very good effort. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 4ha]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2028. 87-89+
  • 2014 Lightish; translucent at centre; little reductive at first; plum tones; freshness; saline touch; quite modest; lacks richness and mid palate; fresh but lacks concentration. Modest Pomerol. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 4ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. Drink 2019-2023. 83-85
  • 2013 Mid depth; light at edge; stalky nose; blackcurrant and fruit pastel tones; some spices; lighter but fruit dominates [at least]; fresh and reductive palate; quite elegant, verging on the austere but may pick up during elévage; has some purity at least and finish is ok. Still pretty lean style. Drink 2016-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 84-86
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; dense and lots of cherry fruit with plums too; packed with fruit on the nose and lots of depth and freshness; spicy plum, slightly cooler fruit tones; purity on the palate with freshness; not too worked; nice acid and sap; this should evolve into beautifully balanced Pomerol. Vibrancy and bounce. 88-90+ Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • Deep and dense; quite thick nose; little raw; quite dense, some chocolate on the palate; quite opulent and very soft and easy. 88+/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite

Château Bellegrave

  • 2015 Mid depth; stalky; fresh some spices; little reductive; cool; lacks definition; some spices; little old fashioned; some fresh fruit here and spices but feels a little clipped overall. [75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc, 8.5ha planted]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2025. 84-86
  • 2014 Mid depth; vibrant edge; some fruitcake spice; little plum; fresh on the palate; vivacious style; fruit dominant; nice texture and some elegance; good finish. Vibrant Pomerol. [75% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc, 8.5ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. Drink 2019-2025. 87-88+
  • 2013 Deep looking; earthy purple at edge; some savour; violets; feels like it will be ‘fresh’; freshness and elegance; easy and quite soft overall; rather too elegant and weedy on the finish. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 81-83
  • 2012 Mid depth; lots of raw blackcurrant, stalky fruit and plums; clean and unadorned; purity and drinkability evident on the palate; summer fruit compôte notes, very nicely handled ingredients; good balance. Should be very nicely composed Pomerol. Pure. Like this style. 87-89+ Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep looking; stalky, spicy, briary fruit, not unattractive; little reductive note; nice balance to the palate; fruit here and nice and vibrant; not trying to be over saturated; spicy, no heavyweight but appetizing. 86-87 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, April 2012

Château Bonalgue

  • 2015 Deepish looking; quite worked; sturdy Pomerol; solid palate; sturdy if bit foursquare; lacks interest now; some nice fruit here but bit subdued. Will settle. When the fruit comes through, which it should, this will be good Pomerol. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 9.5ha]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. 86-88+
  • 2014 Deep and bold; saturated look; inky and rich; concentrated and sublimated by comparison; mocha and chocolate tones; seductive; lots of extract and material; acidity too and oak [a lot of oak but well integrated in this sample]. Has power and depth; chewy on the finish. Impressive, masculine Pomerol. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 9.5ha]. Drink 2020-2028. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 89-91+
  • 2013 Deeper; earthy purple at edge; wood influenced; more a mélange; coffee and some burnt notes; some acid [trifle disjointed]; a little fuller; integrated on the palate; some plum and coffee; light on the finish. Drink 2016-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 84-86.
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; depth to the nose and fruit feels ripe and supple; open; some coffee; sweet entry, ripe, some oak influence but enough creamy fruit to make this attractive on the palate; some chew on the finish. Will be good. 86-88+ Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7th April 2013
  • 2011 Mid depth; little tired looking? Similar to Bourgneuf but with a little make-up reducing the fleetness of foot here; some spices, honey and marzipan notes; feels a bit hollow on the palate and tannic at the edge. Not impressive showing. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12. 82-84 [Second] Deep red; earthy meaty nose; satisfying; meat and chew, not unattractive [a much better showing]; some perfume too; palate nicely done; lots of fruit; this sample not overdone; little dry on the finish. Not bad. Re-tasted Cercle Rive Droite 4/4/12. 86-87+
  • 2010 Deep and dark, arterial almost; little dumb and less expressive than some; some cream; attractive palate; quite thick and rich but with some punch. Oak here. Needs to settle a bit. 86-88/100Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite

Château Le Bon Pasteur

  • 2015 Deep and saturated look; opaque at core; some smoke, charcoal and black fruits; little savoury, meaty note; attractive black cherry sweetness; cool entry on the palate; black cherry, blackcurrant and dark chocolate. Lots of fruit here along with the oak. Actually not over-done and nicely handled palate. [80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 14.5%]. Tasted UGCB 6/4/16. Drink 2020-2030+ 92-94+
  • 2014 Deeply coloured; purple at edge; seductive fruit and pain grillé notes; black fruits and plums; sexy; very seductive sample; fragrant plums and black cherry fruit; fresh acidity; vivid style; fruit creamy and fragrant. Nice texture. Length too. Excellent effort. [80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc]. Tasted UGC 1st April ’15. Drink 2019-2028. 91-93
  • 2013 Mid depth; some purple at edge; little dumb at first, then spices and black fruits on aeration; extract and wood on the palate; needs to settle; oak feels a little dominant over the elegant fruit [as it usually is early on here]; some sap and bite here at the end; interestingly not overdone on the finish. Extraction held in check somewhat. Imagine it will meld quite well. [85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2018-2026. Tasted UGCB April 2, 2014. 86-88+
  • 2012 Mid depth; saturated at centre; full and sweet with wet rock notes; some cream and plum tones with spicy highlights; quite approachable on the palate and not overdone. Soft and easy with attractive fruit and some grip on the finish. Drink 2015-2025. 88 UGC Oct ’14 [Earlier note] Deep and saturated looking; nice blackcurrant and black cherry tones; fruit not masked; pretty plummy with some spice; creamy palate, lots of fruit but also oak and quite a lot of oak on the finish. All fermented in barrique. Nice purity, not sure about the use of wood. Let’s see how it settles. 89-91+ Tasted at UGC 10 April 2013
  • 2011 Mid depth; inky and sublimated nose; resin, spice and intensity; chewy palate with spicy fruit; depth and structure. Very worked style but the fruit is there and there is not the excessively dry unfinished quality found in some of those that have well and truly over-extracted. I’d expect this to come good. Drink 2015-2026. 88+ UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier note] Deepish; more bubble gum but also creamy notes; minerality; quite extracted palate; needs to settle; dense, tannic and grippy. Lots of depth but furry tannins on the finish. 85-87? [Second] Deep and saturated; red fruits, some jam, stone and wet earth; very opulent and jammy style; lots of extract and tannin on the palate; wood tannin too; feels very pushed and oaky. Very puckering finish. Way needs to settle. 85-87? April 2012
  • 2010 Deep and saturated looking; sweet and lush; ripe black fruits and liquorice; some ‘new car interior’ notes; sweet and ripe palate with more lush red fruit tones; ripe and rather rich. Drink now-2030. 92 MW Institute Nov ’14 [Earlier note] Mid depth; sexy open nose with red fruits and lift; lots of density to the palate; quite chewy and extracted. Will be fine but needs to settle. 90+ UGC 2012 [Earlier] Deep and arterial; legs; dense at the centre; ripe and smoky; cherries, very attractive; soft creamy palate; very sweet and ripe; almost like essence. Big and weighty but with some grip. Lots of flavour. 91-93+/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite
  • 2009 Thick and saturated looking; ripe and red fruits; very lifted nose; some marzipan; whole berry; thick and big, extracted style; bit stewed but some vibrancy to the inky fruit. Some chew on the finish. Big and thick. Drink 2016-2030. 91 MW Institute Nov ’13
  • 2007 Thick and very dark looking; earthy, some tea and meat; polished palate; tannic but not drying and lots of blackcurrant fruit washing around. Pretty good effort. 89+/100 MW Institute Nov ’11.
  • 2005 Deep; black red; soft nose, more damsons; plumy and plump and very attractive; fleshy and sweet and quite sexy; sweet ripe palate; chewy but plump; good concentration; sappy palate; real ripeness here, you can appreciate its vital qualities even now. Excellent, concentrated sexy wine. 92-94+/100 Sept ‘09

Château Bourgneuf

  • 2015 Mid depth; nicely deep and flattering nose [better than Grand Cercle tasting]; lovely perfume and seductive oak; ripe plummy notes but not overripe; very flattering on the nose; palate sweet and ripe; plenty of fruit; oak well integrated; nice spicy edge added by the Cab Franc; very good effort as usual. This has plenty of fruit and is nicely textured on the mid palate. Nice chew and sap here. [90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 9ha]. 90-92+ [Earlier note] Mid depth; fresh and ripe; plums, cherries and blackcurrant notes; easy and pure; nice fruit; attractive on the palate; cherry and plum tones; little simple at this stage but should fill out. [90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 9ha]. Tasted Blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2025. 87-89+
  • 2014 Deep and full; dark at centre; little reduced; fresh plum fruit beneath; nice clarity; supple fruit; which we can read; elegance but degree of purity with some oak; some delicacy here; nice texture. Good effort. Elegance and vibrancy. [90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 9.5ha]. Drink 2019-2025. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 87-89+ [second tasting] Deepish; dark core; little lighter red/purple at edge; perfumed and scented from the oak; but juicy fruit beneath; very pretty at this stage; black cherry; plum tones plus spices; palate has depth and structure from the oak and the extract but plenty of lively fruit; textured palate with pretty fruit and perfume; plum; ripe cherry and spices; vigour and some extract plus zap; bit of chew to resolve on the finish. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. Drink 2020-2030. 90-92+
  • 2013 Deep; close to the rim; earthy red; nice savour and cherry fruit; like a serious Morgon [almost Burgundian]; some spice and undergrowth; fresh palate; some cherry and plum tones; little kiss of oak; lacks weight but has acidic freshness; some chew at the end. Not a bad effort in context. Fresh and complete. Tasted Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. Drink 2017-2024. 85-87+ [later note] Deeper and more substantial in colour; very attractive aromatics, perfumed violet lift and spicy plum characters; nicely integrated oak; creamy palate, plums and positive sappy qualities; nice chew and sap to the finish. Works well overall – pretty and sappy. [crop 50% down]. Drink 2018-2025. Tasted JP Moueix, April 2, 2014. 86-88+
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; attractive fresh fruit driven nose; roundness and some coffee beans; palate has obvious oak influence but there is density and grip. Chew here with some sour cherry and earth. Should meld. More grip than some. Fresh. 86-88+ Tasted blind Cercle Rive Droite, Sunday April 7, 2013 [Second tasting] Deep and saturated; earthy note; blackcurrant and plum tones; spices and black cherry; vibrant with bounce on the palate; very good value Pomerol with lots of life and sap. Lively wine. Appetizing. 89-91+ [JP Moueix, Libourne, Weds April, 10, 2013]
  • 2011 Mid depth; nice wine; polished nose; fruit driven, some seductive qualities; plums and perfume – violet notes too; very attractive and pure nose; elegant palate; attractive; some nice tension on the palate; acidity is vibrant. Lively and appetizing Pomerol. Not forced. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12. 87-89+ [Second] Deep and dense; legs; vibrant; perfumed; blue fruits; cherries; nice layers to the nose; freshness here; nice palate – balanced; lots of fruit and freshness; very Bordeaux; some chew and acid fresh. Lots of zip. The opposite of the leaden-footed brigade here. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 90-91+
  • 2010 Deep and dense; quite thick looking; liquorice and smoke on the nose; soft and ripe mid-palate; really rather yummy; creamy notes with plushness; maybe lacks a bit of sophistication at the end. 88+/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite

Château Clinet

  • 2015 Ripe and saturated look; lovely pure, plummy fruit; pure and precise; creamy; ripe and full on the palate this wine has plenty of fruit and extract and is very concentrated; plenty of matter and gravity here; depth and chew on the finish. Excellent length and grip. Tightly coiled on the palate. Tremendous Clinet. [90% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Cabernet Franc, 14.3% alc]. Tasted UGCB 6/4/16. Drink 2023-2035. 95-97+
  • 2014 Deep and saturated looking; vibrant purple at edge; deep in centre; ripe and glossy aromatics; jam, cassis and ripe black plums; extract on the palate but attractive texture; tighter than many; lots of extract and texture but focused; Grip and acidity on the finish. Sublimated texture but also quite tight. Should be excellent. [90% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Cabernet Franc, 13.5% alc]. Tasted 1st April ’15. Drink 2022-2032. 92-94
  • 2013 Deep and thick; dark at centre; little dumb at first; depth clearly but lacks expression; some sweetness and density; obvious material and sap here and palate not too dry; still needs to settle. Has depth but lacks expression. [90% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2018-2026. Tasted UGCB April 2, 2014. 88-90.
  • 2012 Mid depth; glossy looking; satiny quality to the aromatics with layers; real delicacy on the palate; nicely polished; good length. Little reticent for Clinet. Nicely composed. Drink 2017-2027. 91+ UGC Oct ’14 [Earlier note] Deep and dark; colour tight to the rim; tight but clearly very deep on the nose; serious, not its usual flattering self; layers here which show themselves on aeration but this is a pretty dense Clinet. Lots of depth on the palate and structure too. Pretty formidable effort. Excellent length. 90% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Cabernet Franc. 93-95+ UGC 10 April, 2013.
  • 2011 Deep and saturated look; intense, ripe blackcurrant tones, ‘cool’ fruit tones; ripe palate; rich with some succulence; a very good effort in the circumstances. Chew on the finish. Very good. Drink 2014-2026. 92+ UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier note] Deep and dense; strawberry red fruits, more layered, bit flashy and worked but very plummy aromas with spices; satiny palate as usually, layers and nice fruit; classy and good effort [as usual] in the typically seductive and modern Clinet style. Tasted UGC 4/4/12. 91-93+ UGC Aprtil 2012
  • 2010 Deep and saturated looking; colour tight to the rim; very sublimated and intense; lifted plum and spice tones; very attractive; brimming with creamy ripe fruit on the palate but good depth and not at all loose; inky and intense finish. Wow! Needs more time to show its best. Drink 2017-2035. 96+ MW Institute Nov ’14 [Earlier note] Deep and arterial; sexy, savoury nose with black fruits’ very deep; lost of spicy notes; lots of sweet extract and material on the plate; lush to begin with then comes the structure and the grip. Lots of elements. Not as satiny as ’09. More tannic with a big frame beneath the lush fruit. 94 UGC Oct 2012 [Earlier] Deep and saturated, lovely silky, satiny and seductive nose, perfumed with violets, very attractive; quite forward on the nose – sublimated creamy wine, quite satiny and velvety on the palate too but with extract and concentration giving tannin and grip. Very good. Great length and intensity. The equal of 2009 but stronger in style but a shade less flamboyant. 94-96+/100 [85% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Cabernet Franc, alc 14.5%] 6 April 2011 UGC
  • 2009 Deep and arterial; really saturated; inky and saturated aromas, less overt than shortly after bottling but clearly full; plush palate, rich and seductive; fleshy and very fresh. Lots of extract and grip with more chew than before, clearly this filling out. It feels bigger and more structured than before. Pretty dramatic effort but the fruit is dazzling and not at all plodding. Needs time now. 2017-2030. 95+ MW Institute Nov ’13. [Earlier note] Black and saturated in the glass; more lift and delicacy; lots of complexity on the nose; black fruits but some lift; very overt and showy; mocha and espresso notes too; creamy, ripe and full palate; wonderful density; such ripeness and material; real saturation but not chewy; quite delicious; far too much of a good thing!  97+/100 UGC 2011 [Earlier] Mid depth; deep; very perfumed and attractive nose; plums, spice and lovely oak; red fruits too; seductive; Palate round and generous; big and bold but tannin extraction well done here. This is excellent. Some coffee on the finish. [Later] Very ripe nose; almost like the Petit Village; attractive; sweet, fragrant and seductive; excellent; red fruits, plums; very sublime palate, pretty spicy. Tannins nicely done. Wonderfully seductive wine. 95+/100 [85% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon – 14% degrees]. Tasted 31st March 2010.
  • 2008 Deep and saturated; red fruits and sexy oak, mocha and appealing  decadence here but without veering towards the plodding, often overdone St Emilion style; glossy palate, very sublimated feel but still managed to feel fleet of foot. 93+ MW Institute Nov 2012 [Earlier] Intense colour, close up to edge; quite fresh and some minerality on the nose then lots of oak resin; intense and lifted; plums; dense palate with minerals and quite structured – great stuff here; lots of guts and material. Not as fab as Clinet’s marvellous 2009 but a pretty impressive effort nevertheless. 92-94+/100 UGC Oct 2010
  • 2007 Deep and saturated look; blackcurrant and cassis; fresh and uncluttered; depth too; blackcurrants and cassis on the palate too with some chocolate but not tired or seemingly overworked; fresh. Chewy on the finish. Good effort. 91+/100 MW Institute Nov ’11 [Earlier] Mid red; less purple than the Gazin; soft, attractive nose, some sweetness; nicely perfumed; perfumed palate with medium weight; lacks a bit of depth and chew but quite fine. 88+/100 UGC Oct ’09.
  • 2006 Real density in the glass; quite saturated and up to the edge; legs; polished nose with savour and life, some fig and tar but intense and not loose; real precision here and also minerals and wet stone notes too; not as flamboyant as 2009 or 2008 even but pent up and layered; palate quite lush, lots of fruit, some extraction and intensity but doesn’t feel too forced. Bit of a sleeper which needs a few more years. Some grip and bite at the end. Excellent 93+/100 MW Institute Nov ’10.
Le Clos du Beau Père
  • 2015 Deep and saturated colour; creamy ripe black fruits; ripe plums; very unctuous on the nose; very attractive but also deep and layered and lush; impressive; oak on the palate but nicely integrated; plenty of lush fruit and well expressed; lots of flesh here; nice mouthful; nice chew and extract; has chocolate and mocha notes on the finish. Plenty of flesh and extract here. Drink 2020-2030. 91-93+
  • 2014 Glossy and deep with liqourice note; plums, very glossy and concentrated; fruitcake and spices; creamy fruit; plums, black cherry; oak; nicely integrated; glossy and creamy mouthfeel; nice balance at the back end; not over extracted or dry; fruit completes the circle. Another excellent effort here. Black chocolate on the finish. Tasted Jean-Luc Thunevin 3 April 2015. Drink 2019-2027. 90-92+

Clos de Clocher

  • 2015 Good depth; purple at edge; deep central colour; inky aromatics with a saline quality; black cherry quality; supple and attractive palate; easy and soft; nicely done. Beautiful fruit. Some mocha and coffee notes at the end. Little chew on the finish. Best Clos du Clocher I’ve had and better than Grand Cercle sample. [81% Merlot, 19% Cabernet Franc]. 89-91+ [Earlier note] Quite bold looking; sturdy; minerality; ripe and quite rich potentially; fine aromatics; quite silky and seductive; sturdy palate; little dry and chewy; feels a little over-extracted in the cellar. Needs to settle but elements there in spades. [70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 6ha]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. 86-88+
  • 2014 Mid depth; earthy look; some smoke and savoury notes to the aromatics; some delicate fruit beneath; oak; some spicy plum fruit; mid weight; little short on the finish. Needs to settle. [70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 6ha]. Drink 2019-2025. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 84-86+
  • 2013 Deep and fresh looking; saturated; perfume and violet lift [from the oak?]; also herbal/violet lift; some iodine; creamy entry; similar fruit tones [consistent]; not unattractive; quite polished overall; attractive. Not too acid. Soft overall. Early maturing style. Good in the context of the vintage. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 85-87
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; ripe, red fruits, some coffee; some fig too; thick initially, chewy tannin [oak and fruit tannins]. Bit plodding. Lacks vitality. Chewy finish. 84-86 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep and saturated; some violet fruit, spices, undergrowth; cherry and plum notes; opens up a bit; some elegance and bite; quite aggressive on the end. 83-85. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12.  [Second] Deep and saturated; vibrant edge; little dumb sample; chew bite and dry on the end. Overworked. Re-tasted Cercle Rive Droite 4/4/12. 83-85.
  • 2010 Deep and dense; sweet and ripe; some toast; smoke and plums too; sweet palate, very ripe; concentrated and pretty extracted but somehow works; actually pretty seductive. Pretty good 88-90/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite

Clos de la Vieille Eglise

  • 2015 Mid depth; purple at edge; some ripe cherry, plum and liquorice notes; lifted and worked but modern; good depth; polished; full palate; some tension here; good depth and texture; one of the best so far; some chew; nicely textured wine. This is good and could be excellent. Nice length too. [70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 1.5ha]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2027. 89-91+
  • 2014 Mid depth; quite dark at centre; pure cherry tones; freshness; little tangy; fresh; lacks concentration but soft and not extracted; lacks middle; may fill out. Some chew on the finish. [70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 1.5ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. Drink 2019-2025. 85-87.
  • 2013 Mid depth; some violets and lift but feels light [some sour cherry hints] and acid; hard palate due to the acid – very hard and mean. Some spice but this is extremely mean I’m afraid. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 78-80.
  • 2012 Mid depth; perfumed oak submerges the fruit, which feels a bit vegetal; fruit on the palate here but all a jumble. Overall impression is of a chewy, tannic wine with a green streak to me. 78-80 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7th April 2013

Clos l’Eglise

  • 2014 Deep; darker look; earthy purple at rim; purity; spot on; sour cherry; plums; unadorned but similarly complete; little oak [more present later]; blackcurrant, sour cherry note; with some oak; lacks roundness and generosity in the middle; nice material on the finish. Should fill out. [80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 6ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 86-88+
  • 2013 Deep looking; tighter to rim and fractionally more vibrant; similarly styled but a fraction more lush and layered; some toffee; black fruit and liqourice; also a hint of undergrowth; harder palate; extracted and wood tannins; disjointed and pushed fruit; dry beneath; needs to settle and connect better; probably will be OK as it has the substance but a little drying and disjointed currently. Drink 2018-2026. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 84-86?
  • 2012 Mid depth; looser at the meniscus; little dumb at first, some dust and spice; chewy and gutsy palate which lacks finesse. Depth and guts but overall a bit rustic. 85-87 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep and dense; sweet and attractive fuit; not masked; feels vibrant and enjoyable; some spice; oak on the palate; grippy, dense; quite chewy but this works overall. Goodish effort. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12. 87-88

Clos René

  • 2010 Deep looking; chalky and chunky on the nose; sturdy red characters; concentrated and sturdy palate; quite thick but not cloyingly unctuous. Sturdy Pomerol. Drink 2016-2030. 90 MW Institute Nov ’14. 
  • 2009 Deep and saturated; some spice, inky Cabernet Franc notes; purity here and pretty deep; fresh palate, not cloying as some zap and lots of lovely fruit; very attractive overall. Drink now – 2030. 92+ MW Institute Nov ’13
  • 2008 Deep and saturated; earthy note; richness; some undergrowth on the palate alongside the fruit. Good-ish 88+ 2012
  • 1971 Good depth of colour; ripe fruit, round nose; still very much alive [unlike many 71s]; still structured on the palate with some depth; not at all bad; finishes OK. Opened out well. Good. 87/100 tasted June’ 00. Probably faded now… 

Clos Vieux Taillefer

  • 2015 Deepish; ripe and fat; not that complex but full on the aromatics; little wood/lapsang note; clean with good fruit; some coffee elements; lively palate; easy Pomerol. [100% Merlot, 3.8ha planted]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2025. 87-88+
  • 2014 Deep and saturated look; plum; spices; fresh; some red fruits; lifted; easy entry; some perfume [oak]; spices; fruitcake notes; needs to meld a bit; soft; not over-extracted. [100% Merlot, 3.8ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. Drink 2019-2025. 85-87
  • 2013 Deep and saturated; purple at the meniscus; fresh with cherry fruit evident [less worked style than some]; not bad; full but fruit a little sour and hard-edged. Still has freshness. May come good. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 82-84.
  • 2012 Deep and concentrated look; more intense on the nose; lots of plummy, spicy fruit; good purity and depth; well handled oak; dense on the palate, yes extracted but good fruit purity here and nice bite and grip at the end. Good effort. Still remains fresh. 86-88 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013

Château La Cabanne

  • 2015 Mid depth; attractive fruit; clean; nice ripeness and good fruit qualities; easy and full on the palate with sweetness; not overworked in style and retains a sense of purity. Delicious. Best La Cabanne for years. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 14.8%]. Tasted UGCB 6/4/16. Drink 2022-2028. 90-92+
  • 2014 Deep and saturated colour; deep at centre; purple rim; fragrant lift; nice and juicy fruit; black cherry; depth; cool fruit and acidity; nice juice; some oak but not too present; plenty of flesh and some grip on the finish. Best La Cabanne in a while. [94% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Franc, 60% new oak, 40% one year old]. Tasted 1st April ’15. Drink 2020-2027. 88-90
  • 2013 Deep colour; vibrant purple at edge; quite attractive fruit driven wine on the nose; some plums and spices and reasonable depth and saturation aromatically; fullish style; soft and fruit driven; vibrant and fresh. Nice grip. Good effort from La Cabanne. [98% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2017-2024. Tasted UGCB April 2, 2014. 86-88
  • 2012 Deep and saturated look; quite full and fat on the nose with plum and chocolate notes; full palate again; ripe and quite fat with plummy tones and a good finish. Good effort from La Cabanne. Drink 2015-2025. 88+ UGC Oct ’14 [Earlier note] Mid depth; some bounce and delicacy on the nose; pretty vibrant, not as ‘oh wow’ as Gazin, but good effort for Cabanne; some perfume, bounce and rounded palate which has been well handled in the cellar. This works. 100% Merlot. 87-89
  • 2011 Deepish; spice and inky intensity; chewy palate with blackcurrant fruit; sap and acid evident. OK if unexciting. Drink 2015-2021 86 UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier note] Earthy at edge, vibrant look; fresh and pretty perfume, violets and plums plus oak; faintest vegetal whiff; inky and intense palate with a hint of green. Chewy dry finish. Not the best by any measure. [92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Franc] 84-86? April 2012
  • 2010 Mid depth; some chalk and chocolate; feels a tad tired; thick palate with some spice and chocolate tones. 88 UGC 2012 [Earlier] Deep and saturated; quite solid nose, ripe and deep; but chunky on the palate, feels a bit extracted and tannic. Maybe not that well judged in terms of extraction? Certainly unsettled. 86?/100 6th April 2011 at UGC
  • 2009 Deep red; earthy edge; plums, spices, herbs and menthol tones; oak too; pretty good effort from La Cabanne. Plummy fruit with spicy oak influence; chew and density. Second tier Pomerol obviously but good effort. 89+/100 UGC 2011 [Earlier] Mid depth; some intensity; soft, ripe and round; little complexity but fruit driven; Not unattractive. More old fashioned. Palate full, lacks interest. Tannins a little dusty and present. 86/100. Tasted 31st March 2010.
  • 2007 Mid red; simple nose; gutsy slightly tannic palate; somewhat coarse tannin. 80-82/100

Château Certan de May

  • 2015 Mid depth; earthy red at edge; ripe fruit; satin quality to the nose; sweetness; sweet strawberry notes; kirsch; nice pretty fruit with perfume; oak nicely integrating; attractive and moreish; nicely vibrant; nice sap and life here; zip and zing on the finish. Plenty of depth too. [80% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 4% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5.5ha]. Tasted JP Moueix 6/4/16. Drink 2020-2030. 90-92+
  • 2014 Deeply coloured; opaque core; earthy purple at edge; perfume and violet fruit; vibrant and scented; ripe plums and blueberries; spices; nice delicacy; more oaked feel; more noticeable oak; but nice plummy scented fruit beneath; savoury edge; pretty fruit; black cherry and plum; deep; little spice; full and fruity; more oak influenced palate; little taughter and the fruit has absorbed more oak [or it doesn’t quite have the silkiness of Hosanna]; gutsy style; but lots of caressing fruit having said that; sappy finish with extract and matter and a little oak that needs to settle. Drink 2020-2030. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. 91-93+
  • 2013 Mid depth; vibrant purple at edge; spicy, inky menthol notes – not unattractive; some violet perfume too; sweet entry, sappy and vibrant; lively acidity; sappy and fresh. Drink 2018-2028. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 87-89
  • 2012 Deep and dense; vibrant edge; earthy edge; some tobacco and spicy plum; good palate, earthy, chewy; lots of guts and some complexity; good acid and zap again; nice chew and density here. Not overdone either. 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc. 91-93+ [JP Moueix, Libourne, Weds April, 10, 2013]
  • 2011 Deep and dense; intense, inky nose; plums and spice and redcurrant notes; also some new oak lift; some violet perfume too; very polished wine; again violets, black cherry and plum notes on the palate; plus real zip. Good bite on the finish. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 91-93+

Château La Clémence

  • 2015 Earthy purple edge; sweeter; more ripe plums; spices; some depth and freshness; acidity quite marked; sappy; some chew and sap; feels fresh and has elegance. [[85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 3ha]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2025. 85-87
  • 2014 Mid depth vibrant edge; full and juicy aromas; cherry and plum tones; some spice; attractive; fresh and attractive; has some joy on the palate; fresh fruit qualities; sour cherry; some wood; quite lean in style currently but should settle well and fill out. [85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 3ha]. Drink 2019-2026. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 86-88
  • 2013 Similar depth; little looser at the rim; earthy; bit coarser fruit tones; some strawberry; hard on the palate; mean and acid I’m afraid; puckering finish. Drink 2016-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 76-78?
  • 2012 Mid depth; quite saturated; ripe, more red fruits less plums and some lift; mocha notes from oak; guts and sap on the palate with a little mean streak [oak handling?] May come good. 84-86? Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep; lots of jam and liquorice; almost honeyed and fortified notes; pondering, jammy palate; some chocolate and mocha notes; low acid and tannin from fruit and wood. Lots of tannin on the finish. Bit of a mess. 83-85? [Second] Deep and saturated; jammy, late picked feel; oaky too; very melded but lacks purity; jam and oak and lots of wood tannin on the finish. 82-84
  • 2010 Arterial in colour; quite alcoholic nose; needs to settle; slightly vegetal streak too; palate feels overdone and very extracted. Most unsettled sample. 82-84?/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite
Château La Commanderie, Pomerol
  • 2015 Deeper and colour tight to rim; bolder; purple edge; richer; has density and minerality; attractive; attracted layered nose; some worked notes and a little lift; I like this; good palate; composed; good fruit and oak reasonably well integrated. Sturdy and complete Pomerol. 83% Merlot, 17% Cabernet Franc, 6ha planted]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2020-2028. 88-90+

Château La Conseillante

  • 2015 Mid depth; not as dark as some; lovely aromatics – spices, black cherry and sweet plum tones; very attractive; silky palate; freshness too alongside the black fruit and red fruit tones; lovely and attractive Pomerol. Burgundian style. Good density and length but remains nicely appetising. [81% Merlot, 19% Cabernet Franc]. Tasted Pomerol Seduction 6/4/16. Drink 2020-2035. 94-95+
  • 2014 Good depth of colour; vibrant edge; lovely pretty fruit; caressing and satiny; beautiful fruit in fact; quite measured on the palate; lovely elegance; glossy, balanced and textured on the palate; tension too [some freshness]; proportional wine; acidity fresh and good length. Attractive La Conseillante. [78% Merlot, 22% Cabernet Franc, 13.5% alc, 3.6 TA, 15-18 months in oak]. Tasted at La Conseillante, 3rd April ’15. Drink 2019-2030. 93-94+
  • 2013 Elegant colour; vibrant edge; some spice and lift on the nose; oak and sweet black fruits beneath; oak present on the palate with some plum tones; sap and acidity too; some chew here suggests good material and plum and sour cherry notes on the finish. Lacks a bit of generosity for this estate but should emerge well. [82% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2018-2026. Tasted UGCB April 2, 2014. 89-91
  • 2012 Mid depth; unctuous and satiny aromatics; plenty of plum and spice tones and layers of fruit; menthol tones; palate has some fatness and weight but there is an attractive delicacy here which makes this wine very attractive. Drink 2015-2027. 92+ UGC Oct ’12 [Earlier note] Deep and saturated look; summer fruit pudding, black cherry, plums and spices, some lift and violet perfume; very attractive palate, creamy blackcurrants, black cherry but with real structure and acid beneath. Very nice length. Lots here. 89% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Franc. 94-96+ Tasted at UGC 10 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep and saturated look; ripe and full; seductive nose; plummy and full; ripe and full on the palate – this is the pick of the Pomerol’s on display; sap and life lifts the end of the palate. Nicely done. One of the red wines of the tasting. Drink 2014-2026. 93+ UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier note] Deep looking, mid depth at edge; vibrant looking; bright violet fruit, some plum and sour cherry and black cherry notes; quite deep and feels fresh; layered palate beneath with depth and some oak influence but plenty of black cherry fruit. Chew on the finish but attractive wine overall. 82% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc 13.4 alc 91-93+ April 2012
  • 2010 Deep and saturated looking; resin; ripe and lifted plum and black fruit notes; some mocha tones; deep and saturated palate; great texture here; quite lush and ripe with Cab Franc influence; excellent stuff. Drink 2016-2035. 94+ MW Institute Nov ’14 [Earlier note] Deep colour; spices, plums, freshness; some leaf; nice flavours on the palate and good grip and texture; plenty of material and oomph. 92+ UGC 2012 [Earlier] Dense and deep, arterial; perfumed and very deep nose, violets with purity, lots of plums and freshness too, ripe and full; dense plummy and concentrated; fresh too with concentration, density but also grip. Fabulous. Chewy on the finish but fresh. This feels better than 2009 to me. 94-96+/100 6 April 2011 at UGC.
  • 2009 Deep and saturated look; spicy blackcurrant and plum aromas, stone fruits and some wet rocks; remarkable freshness here with blackcurrant cassis notes, menthol and fruit tones; ripe palate, very fresh and enjoyable; some tannin here to resolve and unfurl; needs time but this wine isn’t at all over extracted in the cellar. Lovely wine. A beauty. Drink in a few years [possibly now if decanted] but has the structure to last. Better than Clinet on the day. Drink 2015-2035. 96 MW Institute Nov ’13 [Earlier note] Deepish – red at edge; warm and round; almost grand Bolgheri like in this vintage; plums, black fruits, mocha and coffee tones; palate very, very fine and satiny; layered and complex; ripe fruit, chew and nice grip. Showing better than at primeur tasting for me. 96+/100 UGC 2011 [Earlier] Mid depth; stones and minerals with red fruits beneath; attractive though not as seductive as expected on the nose [cf Clinet in ‘09]; palate very attractive with richness and balance between the oak and fruit; coffee and mocha at the back. [Later] Some fruit and prettiness; stones and minerals on nose again; fresh; soft entry to palate. Tannin later. Not as flamboyant as I’d hoped for but nevertheless very good. 90-92+/100 Tasted 31st March 2010.
  • 2008 Deep and saturated look; some leaf and lift; earth too; intensity and depth to the nose; minty note; rich and velvety on the palate; blackcurrants with sweetness and tannin at the end. Lots of depth. Delicacy here. 93+ MW Institute Nov ’12 [Earlier] Quite dense and earthy purple; lots of ripe red fruits here; strawberries, quite intense, almost Burgundian; quite fresh palate with similar notes; some grip here. Good and ripe. 88+/100 UGC Oct 2010
  • 2007 Mid red; leaf and tobacco [some CF influence]; attractive nose; quite meaty; palate similarly so with meat, leaf and some mint; layered palate. Attractive. 88/100 MW Institute Nov ’11.
  • 2006 Deep at centre; mature notes of chocolate and truffle, feels a bit tired? Sweet entry on the palate and lots of ripeness here, fruit tending toward the ripe strawberry and raspberry notes; some tannin here too and furry quality to the tannin. 86-88?/100[2nd sample] Feels a bit fresher, super ripe notes on the nose, menthol and clear Cab Franc lift; palate more silky then first bottle and less tannic than previous sample too. Very soft and attractive but density beneath too. Tannins solid but not dry. Much better second bottle 88-90/100 MW Institute Nov ’10.
  • 1975  Tea coloured, slightly herbal nose, old and meagre; herbal tea like quality to the palate; feels very old and, although this wine has a good reputation in this vintage, this bottle way past its best. 75/100 June ’04.

Château La Croix de Gay

  • 2015 Deep and saturated look; deepish; red fruits and boiled sweet notes; jammy tones but quite attractive; sweet palate – long and caressing and quite silky; nice texture. [97% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 14.5%]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2020-2030. 90-92+
  • 2014 Deep and saturated style; dark core; vibrant edge; toasty oak and liquorice; black cherry; some earth and undergrowth; quite saturated in style and somewhat dominated by oak; not too dry on the finish. Should settle. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc]. Tasted UGC 1st April ’15. Drink 2020-2027. 86-88
  • 2013 Mid depth; vibrant edge; little compact on the nose; lacks aromatic profile; oak on the palate; rather dry currently and the wood sticks out through the fruit rather too much for me; fruit also a little compact and astringent finish. Needs to settle. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc]. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 84-86?
  • 2012 Mid depth; pretty nose; ripe Pomerol with beautiful Merlot tones; easy and pretty; harmonious on the palate with plenty of fruit and some bite. Nicely done. Drink 2015-2025. 90+ UGC Oct ’14 [Earlier note] Deep and dense; some cream, black fruits – a little hardness too [cold sample]; creamy palate, ripe with plums; lots of fruit and extract but not extracted if you get what I mean. Chewy finish. 95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc. 89-91 Tasted at UGC 10 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep looking; ripe red fruits and strawberry tones; spicy and attractive nose with lift and life; ripe red fruits on the palate with some spice; some grip and chew on the finish. Maybe fruit slightly stretched but should fill out. Drink 2014-2023. 88+ UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier note] Purple edge; sturdy, some spice, little hardness and wet stone notes; little shiny nail varnish too – where’s the fruit exactly? Quite oak dominated palate, wood tannin dominates, fruit submerged. Lacks generosity and felt hard. 83-86? UGC April 2012
  • 2010 Deep and tight to edge; nice leafy lift; plums, spices, earthy blackcurrants; some ink and iodine; very flattering nose; big and ripe on the palate, very consistent; lots of blackcurrants; palate saturated in fruit but there is good structure here. Very good length. Excellent. 93+ UGC 2012 [Earlier] Deep black, arterial; sweet and sexy nose with some smoke; rich and plush here too, density but also pretty plump; ripe some violet and perfume; structure and grip come later. Lively structure and grip and real depth. Excellent effort. 92-94+/100 6 April 2011 at UGC.
  • 2009 Deep black, intense; very succulent attractive nose, plums and red fruits and sweet toasty oak; luscious; spices at the back. Fat palate, lovely and lush – this is really showing well. Not over extracted and with soft tannins. Coffee and mocha on the finish. Lovely. [Later] Ripe and seductive, very open; sexy; wonderfully lush palate and well balanced. Not over extracted. A beauty. 92-94+/100. Tasted 31st March 2010.
  • 2008 Deep colour; denser at core; very toasty oak; sublimated fruit; plump and spicy like Christmas cake; thick palate with lots of saturation. Unctuous and saturated but not tiring. 91 2012

Domaine de l’Eglise

  • 2010 Deep saturated colour; thick looking; little jammy, super-ripe notes here; some boiled sweets; palate full of sweet, ripe fruit; lacks a bit of grip; loads of fruit though. 88-90/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite
  • 2009 Deep and saturated; open, lifted, some sublimated notes; leaf and coffee tone; pretty deep and mealy; interesting tones; chewy and dense with a gritty finish. Quite chewy. Needs a bit of time. Drink 2017-2025. 89+ MW Institute Nov ’13.
  • 2006 Deep central core, quite extracted looking; more lifted oak, plums and blackcurrants, very flattering and seductive; quite modern and forward but that’s not meant as a criticism; palate quite dense and chewy, rich with also real ripe qualities; molasses, cake and spice; overall dense and chewy with some length and grip. Good effort. 90+/100
Château L’Eglise Clinet
  • 2009 Thick and dense looking; ripe and pure fruit with plums and black fruit aromatics; lovely purity here; big and dense on the palate; lots of fruit but also lushness; has density but also vibrancy. Chewy tannins on the finish suggest longevity. Drink 2017-2035+. 95 MW Institute Nov ’13
Château L’Evangile
  • 2014 Mid depth; purple at edge; depth; ripe fruit; some plum; spices; attractive fruit; polished and delicate; fine palate; textured; mid palate depth; sense of proportion; balanced and harmonious; freshness on the end. Good length. 22ha property with 16ha in production. [82% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc 14.2% alc]. Tasted 3rd April ’15. Drink 2019-2030. 91-94

Château Fayat

  • 2014 Deep and saturated look; very opaque at centre; nice purity of fruit; plum; depth; attractive purity; this looks good; very classy aromatics; full but focused palate; red fruits; some wood; bit of toast; ripe and attractive. Little bit of fruit and oak to integrate on the finish [little woody]. Soft and not over extracted. [80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 16ha]. Drink 2019-2027. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 89-91+
  • 2013 Deep and saturated; very black and tight to the rim; thickish but bit stewed aromatically; some wood; disjointed now potentially will meld; grippy fruit with acid; pretty lean; dry but fruit just carries through…still it’s lean and austere. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 83-86
  • 2012 Deep and saturated looking; colour tight to the edge; tighter, denser and more serious on the nose; plums, spices some espresso notes; very good and attractive aromas with complexity; lots of sweet fruit on the palate and real depth. Lots and lots of sweet fruit here. Nicely balanced extraction; lots of plummy flavours and style. Attractive stuff! 90-92 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7th April 2013
  • 2011 Deep saturated colour; nice fruit, some plums and sour cherry on the nose; some depth; little attenuated; grippy. Fresh, and should fill out. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12. 85-87 [Second] Deep and saturated; earthy fruit quality; spoices; higher tone notes, good; palate sweet and ripe; some jam; better than first sample. Goodish. Re-tasted at Cercle Rive Droite 4/4/12. 86-87+
  • 2010 Deep, dark and saturated; some cream, some lift; plums and damsons; layers to the palate; nicely done here; attractive palate; lush with density. Good palate and grip. Very positive wine. 89-91+/100 4 April Le Cercle Rive Droite

Château Feytit-Clinet

  • 2015 Bold and deep; colour tight to rim; earthy, Cabernet Franc note; some perfume and oak influence; intense with layers; clean and clear; like this; clean and has finesse; nice tension on the palate; moreish and good balance. Nice length. Class. [90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 6.3ha]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2020-2028. 91-93+
  • 2014 Mid depth; some saturation; earthy; ballsy Pomerol; opens up to reveal satin and cake like aromatics; sexy; nice palate; open and forward but with depth; nicely integrated oak and attractive fruit. This will be forward, delicious Pomerol. Quite soft and almost drinking nicely now. Well done. Oak to resolve on the finish. All this should settle nicely though. [90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 6.3ha]. Drink 2019-2028. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. 90-92+
  • 2013 Deep and saturated looking; spicy, some depth; quite attractive; higher toned; fuller palate; some cream; plums and black cherry notes; some spicy freshness; not that bad in a fresh way; fresh and spicy. Some zap which makes it fresh. Not bad effort, though light. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 85-87
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; red/purple edge; cleaner; little earthy note; smokey and lifted; quite attractive; layers on the palate with depth. Pretty serious and attractive. This should develop nicely. Espresso notes from the oak on the finish but plenty of fruit. Worked style but nicely done in this case. 88-90+ Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Saturated; creamy nose with plums and some spices; feels fat if a little monolithic; palate big and broad; extracted too – dense and lacks enjoyment. Grip and dusty tannins. Not me. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12. 85-86 [Second] Thick, deep and saturated looking; very ripe sublimated style but with a vegetal streak; some bite and chew but green streak again. Extracted. Re-tasted at Cercle Rive Rroite 4/4/12. 84-86?
  • 2010 Deep and dark; tight to the rim; plums and very ripe; very seductive palate; ‘hedonistic’ to use a Parkerism; nice palate; really unctuous. Very attractive wine but also has some good grip. Good length too. 90-92+/100 Tasted 6 April  Le Cercle Rive Droite
Château Lafleur
  • 1982 Red brown; intense nose; could have been a rich Burgundy or exotic Rhone; ripe; sweet and soft. Earthy note. Very good wine. 93/100 Apr ‘96
Château Lafleur-Gazin
  • 2015 Mid depth; red at edge; lovely seductive red; nice lift; sweet plums; ripe; nice entry; harmonious; some stalky notes; real satin quality to the fruit – delicacy. This has some genuine sophistication and style. Has length on the back. Little dryness which will fill in. [98% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc, 8.75ha]. 90-92+
  • 2014 Deep and attractive; dark at centre; fresh sappy and vibrant fruit; full; ripe cherry; plummy freshness; brighter fruit; bit of black pepper spice at the edge; full and lively on the nose; sweet ripe; vibrant juicy entry; so pretty and more-ish; delicious now almost; such lightness of touch; vibrant and fresh but with plenty of sweet fruit. This is a beautiful vintage with the balance between the juicy fruit and the freshness; but also the bounce here. Lively zap on the finish. Great stuff. 2020-2030. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. 90-92+
  • 2013 Light red; purple at rim; spices and plums with stalky tones; fruit highlights are pretty; sweet-sour cherry tones; sappy palate with some chew and bite on the finish. Positive twist at the end. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted JP Moueix April 2, 2014. 86-88
  • 2012 Deep and saturated look but vivid and vibrant purple at the edge; more mineral tones, some spice and perfume [again]; vibrant, spicy nose; attractive palate with lots of perfume; vivacious and lively; lots of fruit and bounce here; nice acid on the end. Sap here. Lively and pretty long finish. Nice zap. 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc. 90-92+ [JP Moueix, Libourne, Weds April, 10, 2013]
  • 2011 Deep, dark centre; purple edge; legs; fresh, sour cherry, plum, some spice; blue fruits; nice and appetizing; perfumed; good depth and attractive fruit on the palate; nice balance; real race and vibrancy here; nice acid. Chewy and sappy. Vibrant wine. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 89-91+

Château La Fleur-Pétrus

  • 2015 Mid red; good depth; fresh; plum and cherries on the aromatics; sweet and deliciously ripe; freshness; creamy palate; nice and attractive texture; good body and nice balance; very moreish; not supercharged but digestible. Chocolate and mocha notes on the finish but also quite a bit of zip at the end. Fresh and nimble Le Fleur-Pétrus with terrific balance. [92% Merlot, 7.5% Cabernet Franc, 0.5% Petit Verdot, 18.7ha]. Drink 2020-2040. 95-97+
  • 2014 Mid depth; dark at centre; tight to edge; earthy red/purple; ripe seductive aromatics; beautiful and delicate; lovely stone fruit; fresh plums and spices; violet scents too; very caressing attack; supple and harmonious; wonderful balance; sap and vibrancy on the finish but plenty in here; 10/10 on the digestibility index. Nice length. Fresh and vibrant finish with considerable length and zap. Drink 2020-2033. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. 94-96
  • 2013 Deeper colour; fresh and healthy looking; attractive spicy blackfruits; deeper and more lifted but still very pure; not at all over-cooked; sweet entry, nice spicy plum characters; quite bouncy style with good sap and grip; Sappy and refreshing. Drink 2018-2030. Tasted JP Moueix, April 2, 2014. 89-91+
  • 2012 Deep and dark at the centre; vibrant edge; lots of black fruits on the nose; black cherry, plums even cassis tones; perfumed; creamy palate and lots of layers; plums, spices, black cherry; very nice tension and balance on the palate; some mineral tones too. Very long in the mouth. Good acid and impeccable balance. 95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc. 94-96 [JP Moueix, Libourne, Weds April, 10, 2013]
  • 2011 Deep and concentrated; fresh and wonderfully vibrant nose; blackcurrant, cherry, some earth; violets; purity and honesty here; pure fruit and violets; zip and zest; plums and harmony; nice balance; acid helps; excellent length. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 92-94+ April 2012
  • 2010 Deep and saturated colour; very open and vivid aromatically; vibrant palate with life but also nice flesh; substance and structure; quite sturdy and actually needs more time; excellent if less immediately delicious than the 2009. Give it five years. 2020-2035. 95. MW Institute Nov ’14.
  • 2009 Deep and concentrated; healthy looking; spices, black fruits, plums and some undergrowth; very more-ish; more delicacy on the palate here and a very attractive balance between the fruit and the freshness which gives wonderful tension; great length. This is a great wine with such harmony, freshness and balance. Drink 2015 – 2030. 96+ MW Institute Nov ’13
  • 1994 Dark; deep in colour; seductive and rich; palate good with tannin, nice extract. Fine. 92/100 Assemblage tasted at Chateau Petrus Oct ‘95

Château La Fleur de Gay

  • 2014 Deepish – red at edge; oak, some mocha notes; liquorice; red fruits beneath; some saturation; oak and fruit; has nice concentration and fruit is sweet and ripe; will probably meld quite nicely. Sturdy and substantial feeling to the palate. Good stuff. [100% Merlot, 2ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. Drink 2019-2028. 90-92+
  • 2013 Deep looking; tight to edge; earthy purple; some savour; attractive; spice; nice purity beneath and a little more complex; attractive elegance; violet and blue plum tones; fairly full overall; bit woody and disjointed on the palate currently; lots here but currently bit jumbled. Still there is good ripeness here so should come together. Drink 2017-2025. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 86-88
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; ripe fruit, some lift; some jam; very ripe fruit infact; palate big and broad, sweet and ripe; nice twist at the end. 90-92 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Deep and saturated; almost the same; lush, oak and reduced/sublimated feel to the nose; very flattering to taste; cherry, chocolate and very ripe fruit; grip and tannin at the back. 91 2012

Château Gazin

  • 2015 Attractive vibrant colour; pure black cherry aromatics with some briary tones; great purity; lots of extract and texture on the palate; lots of matter; needs to settle a bit but has great potential. Spices on the finish. Excellent length and structure. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc]. Tasted UGCB 6/4/16. Drink 2022-2035. 93-95
  • 2014 Deep and saturated; vibrant edge; fresh; little reductive at first but plenty of fresh fruit on the nose here; very full and sense of being sturdy; savoury edge almost; fresh creamy black cherry on entry; very fresh and clean; cool with lots of middle; this is an excellent prospect. [95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc]. Tasted UGC 1st April ’15. Drink 2020-2030. 92-94+
  • 2013 Deep and saturated colour; plums, cherry notes with a little undergrowth; fresh; sweet-ish entry with some gloss but also fresh acids; overall nicely done if a little compact. [100% Merlot]. Drink 2017-2026. Tasted UGCB April 2, 2014. 88-90+
  • 2012 Mid depth; earthy blackcurrant and plum tones; extract and matter; fresh plum and spices; nicely saturated palate with tension between the weight and freshness [nice]; attractive and forward Gazin. Drink 2016-2026. 92+ UGC Oct ’14 [Earlier note] Deep and saturated; pure blackcurrant cassis, with black cherry notes; deep but fresh; summer fruit compote notes; polished palate; very bouncy and seductive. Very attractive wine and continues the Gazin run of top form. Some pretty serious oak here but the fruit is quite sublime. Grip too. 100% Merlot 14.5% alc. 93-95+ Tasted at UGC 10th April 2013
  • 2011 Deep looking; some resin, plums, spices and depth; palate structured and deep; pretty extracted and chewy. Chewy finish. Pretty structured and serious. Drink 2016-2026. 89+ UGC Oct ’13 [Earlier note] Deep saturated, colour; plums, spices and pure fruit flavours, less worked nose; feels good and deep; sappier than the Clinet though – bluer fruits, less red fruit tones; nice palate, ripe and full, spicy, briary notes; chewy finish but should settle. Plummy and spicy, chewy and dense with grip. 89-91/100 April 2012
  • 2010 Deep colour; earthy spicy plum aromatics; full and attractive; similarly flavoursome palate with excellent depth and fruit; also nice structure with impressive bite and grip. Concentrated and nicely handled. Drink 2015-2030. 94 MW Institute Nov ’14 [earlier note] Deep and saturated look; plums, spices, earthy tones; feels fresh and attractive; ripe, fresh fruit on the palate; good grip and satisfaction; freshness and life here, a wine you could return too. Lots of blackcurrant and plum tones to the fruit. Real zap here. Excellent effort. 94 UGC Oct 2012 [Earlier] Deep and dark; dense and concentrated nose; strong but brooding, less open than some; dense palate, lots of fruit, lashing in fact but feels pretty tannic too. Lots of fruit in support though. Strong wine. Very good with grip and length 92-94/100 6th April 2011 at UGC.
  • 2009 Deep and saturated; earthy, spices and plums; pretty thick and a little reductive; some jam here too when it opens up; thick but attractive; black fruits, some freshness and perfume; blackcurrants and spicy notes. Ripe and big with considerable structure beneath the fruit. Very satisfying. Drink now – 2030. 94+ MW Institute Nov ’13 [Earlier note] Deep and saturated; lots of toast on the nose; black fruits and liquorice; very deep and pretty extracted [in the nicest sense]; fat and deep palate; loads of gorgeous fruit; big and deep and lots of oak. Incredibly dense and chewy. Its richness is almost atypical even for Pomerol [though maybe no longer]. Brilliant stuff if a bit Napa/Shafer-esque. The best Gazin I’ve had. 94+/100 UGC 2012 [Earlier] Mid depth, dark, quite tight – a little dumb at first; attractive palate, quite extractive and tannic, not as silky as the Clinet. Alcohol here. Little disjointed. [Later] Smokey note and intense, more forthcoming; palate rich and ripe. Much better. Lots of fruit and extract. Score reflects the second sample. 90+/100 [90% Merlot, 7% Cab Sauvignon, 3% Cab Franc]. Tasted 31st March 2010.
  • 2008 Deep and dense; full, spicy, meaty with savoury edge; this feels attractive; good palate, some tautness but depth and chew; again more vibrancy here than in St Emilion equivalents. 91+ MW Institute Nov 2012
  • 2007 Deep at centre; very ripe and lifted nose; ref fruits, seductive; lots of oak and coffee aromatics; thick on the palate but with more poise than St Emilions of similar weight and style in 2007. Thick and big but this works. Good length. 90+/100 MW Institute Nov ’11 [Earlier] Good colour; tight to rim; sweet attractive nose; plums and some seductive oak; soft sweet fruit; quite nice acid – attractive wine; maybe a trifle short but should fill out. Attractive wine with good concentration.  88+/100 UGC Oct ’09.
  • 2006 Deep black, initially more freshness here [cf La Conseillante], some savoury, meaty quality here too; rich palate with density and chocolate. Palate feels more alive than La Conseillante. Quite spicy and rich. Chewy tannin on the end means this wine needs a few years yet. Pretty good effort though. 90/100 MW Institute Nov ’10.
  • 2005 Saturated black; tight to the rim; legs; dense, concentrated nose; later opened up with wonderful roasted coffee bean and mocha notes; palate with ample body and concentration and lots of extract but not over done. A wonderfully concentrated wine with ripe tannins and good grip. Excellent. 92+/100 Dec ‘09

Château La Grave

  • 2015 Mid depth; deep at centre; purple at edge; little more reticent; some bubblegum; little freshness; saline and mineral note; little subdued; wood is present on the palate; little dryness here; needs to settle and meld a little; has bright fruit. Sap too. Has some length and definition. Fresh finish. [91% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Franc, 9ha]. Tasted JP Moueix 6/4/16. 89-91
  • 2014 Vibrant and deep looking in the glass; earthy red purple at edge; lovely fresh plum and spice tones; some ripe Morello cherry too; real zap and life; purity here in the wines; little spice too; juicy and salivating attack; such freshness and juice here; really attractive and bouncy but with greater weight and ripeness than 2012 even; zip and lightness; fresh style but with plenty of body. Zap and refreshment on the end. Drink 2019-2028. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. 90-92
  • 2013 Lightish red; translucent core; light aromatics; soft and easy going palate with no aggression or pucker; very fresh if light. Drink 2018-2025. Tasted JP Moueix, April 2, 2014. 85-87
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; more chalky minerality, vivid again with freshness; pureity of fruit and expressive; lots of zap on the palate; fresghness and nice length. Very refreshing. 97% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc. 89-91+ [JP Moueix, Libourne, Weds April, 10, 2013]
  • 2011 Deep-ish; red at edge; ripe plums, spices, red fruits and black cherries; creamy and polished; harmonious; extract and freshness, fruit and vibrancy; very appetizing. Grippy and zippy. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 87-89+

Château Hosanna

  • 2015 Mid depth; slightly more focused in the glass; little unyielding at first; layers here; obvious depth but a bit closed on the day; ripe cherry; little savoury/spicy note on the palate; plums and cherries; quite a lot of vigour and freshness to this; zappy wine which has vitality; nice appetizing extract and zing on the finish. Bit reticent showing overall. [82% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Franc, 4ha]. Drink 2020-2035. 93-95+
  • 2014 Deep and dark yet fresh looking at the same time; slightly tighter to rim than Certan de May; more purple too; spices; little tighter and more pent up than de May; opens up to reveal perfumed; scented plums and morello cherry; layers and depth here; impressive freshness and purity at the same time; great attack; silky and caressing yet also concentrated; lovely voluptuous palate; very harmonious across the mouth; great concentration but not in the slightest bit heavy; great stuff; such lovely freshness and zappy acid too! Very good length. Excellent. Drink 2020-2033. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. 94-96+
  • 2012 Deep and dense; wet rocks and chalk alongside plummy tones with spices and black cherry notes; lovely mouthfeel, enticing and sumptuous palate; deceptively easy and supple; very nicely balanced fruit tones; real delicacy and freshness here. Lots of zap and life again. Very good length. Wonderfully vibrant and enticing Pomerol. 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc. 93-95+ Tasted at JP Moueix in Libourne Weds 10 April 2013.
  • 2011 Deep; violet scented nose; blue fruits and plum along with black cherry; layered; not overly made up – lovely purity amongst the Moueix wines; nice balance on the palate; vibrant with real acid; some chew here but lots of spicy, plummy fruit; really fleet-of-foot. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 92-93+

Château Lagrange

  • 2015 Mid depth; little tighter to the rim; saline and minerals; like the fruit; Bordeaux; ripe plum; really cool; sweet entry; plummy and sweet; nice and ripe; good texture; lots of mid palate richness; this is moreish with good acidity. Like this vivacious side. Ripe and long. This could work well following elévage and settling. [96% Merlot, 4% Cabernet Franc, 9ha]. Drink 2019-2026. 88-90+

Château Latour à Pomerol

  • 2015 Nicely vibrant edge; legs; nice depth; little reticent at first; some oak here that’s subdued the aromatics currently I reckon; bright cherry fruit emerges eventually; fresh; purity beneath; fresh; bright acidity with nice fruit tones; lovely red fruit notes too. Depth and extract on the finish but fruit balances nicely. [96% Merlot, 4% Cabernet Franc, 8ha]. 91-93+
  • 2014 Deep and saturated look; quite tight to the rim; opaque at centre; creamy; perfumed and more layered; clearly a serious effort but the fruit has such joy; perfumed lift; plummy fresh fruit and summer compote beneath; delicious and nicely integrated [fraction better than Bourgneuf]; caressing fruit on the entry; so much juice and joy here; lovely vintage for these wines seemingly; layers of plummy fruit and some spicy overlay; structured but the fruit is the thing. Zappy on the end. Vibrant and fresh. Exciting and vital wine. Drink 2020-2030. Tasted JP Moueix 1 April, 2015. 91-93+
  • 2013 Mid depth; light-ish at edge; spicy plum aromatics; little bubblegum; freshness; creamy entry, some spice; lightweight but full of zap. Lightness of touch. Drink 2018-2025. Tasted JP Moueix, April 2, 2014. 86-88
  • 2012 Deep and saturated; vibrant edge; life; perfume; violets, black cherry and plum tones; layers to the nose; creamy palate; some mulberry, black cherry tones; very round but with real depth and life; refreshing zing; this feels particularly successful. Great length and vibrancy. 100% Merlot. 91-93+ [JP Moueix, Libourne, Weds April, 10, 2013]
  • 2011 Deep; legs; vibrant cherry aromas, spice, blackcurrant notes too; some violet perfume too; attractive; blue fruits – cherry and blueberry tones – on the palate; some spice; structure beneath and acid; grip and freshness key words here. Purity too. Tasted at JP Moueix 4/4/12. 90-91+

Château Lécuyer

  • 2015 Mid depth; healthy colour; sweet; ripe; spices; little cashmere; elegant palate; spices; some texture and inky notes; little chew on the finish. Little compact but goodish. [90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 3.4ha planted]. Tasted blind Grand Cercle 3/4/16. Drink 2019-2025. 85-87+
  • 2014 Mid depth; fruit driven aromatics; plum; elegance; little taut with some acid; has freshness but lacks a bit of generosity at present; fresh certainly; faintest streak of green; has texture and elegance; fraction pinched on the end. May fill out. [90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 3.4ha]. Tasted Grand Cercle 29 March, 2015. Drink 2019-2024. 84-87
  • 2013 Deep and saturated; integrated nose; some red fruits; maybe lacks a little focus; oak and fruit; little disjointed and acid present; light; overall a bit light boned and elegant with a short finish. Drink 2018-2024. Tasted Cercle Rive Droite, March 30, 2014. 80-82.
  • 2012 Mid depth; looser at edge; ripe and satiny Merlot; easy going if lacking a bit of concentration. Fresh and pure if on the light side. 85-87 Tasted blind at the Cercle de Rive Droite, 7 April 2013
  • 2011 Saturated; cream but more harmony and added freshness; real plums and spices; softer by degrees than some but feels a bit tannic. The freshness of the fruit should allow it meld better if disjointed now. Tasted blind at the Cercle Rive Droite 1/4/12. 84-86

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