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London Wine Fair 2011: Oregon's inspirational tales

Written by JW. Posted in Oregon

Discussing vibrant attractive Pinot Noir leads me neatly into Oregon’s Willamette Valley. A delightful bunch were on offer last week at the fair. Three estates new to me stood out – Brooks Wine, Anne Amie and Soter Vineyards. All produced lovely Pinots across the board. More on Anne Aie and Soter later as the story behind Brooks deserves a post to itself. I doubt you’ll find a more powerful or inspirational tale in the world of wine.

London Wine Fair 2011: Austria

Written by JW. Posted in Austria

Wonderful range of fresh and lively Austrian reds and whites at the Fair last week, and some pretty serious efforts too. As good as the international varieties grown here are the real excitement is surely in the local varieties, obviously Grüner Veltliner and Riesling amongst the whites and Zwiegelt and  Blaufränkisch amongst the reds.

Jim Barry, Vasse Felix and Tahbilk

Written by JW. Posted in Australia

Jim Barry’s decadent Armagh Shiraz

Despite the perception that the country has in recent years lost out to South Africa and the combined forces of Chile and Argentina as the world’s cutting edge wine making powerhouse, Australia remains one of the most exciting places to make wine. Partly it’s because it is a unique place – the country is huge with some of the most diverse terrior in the world – but also importantly because of the open-mindedness and energy of the Aussie wine makers themselves – especially when you get amongst the privately owned wineries. 

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