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Written by JW. Posted in Uncategorized

_90198964_marchpa-1Fine wine and the quality of Bordeaux 2015 vintage are trivial concerns in the light of the UK’s Brexit vote. This has never been a political blog, but I’m happy to tell you I voted to remain in the EU for reasons that seemed blindingly obvious. To my mind voters were let down by politicians who skewed the debate towards immigration, exploiting fear and prejudice in the electorate. European readers of this blog, please remember that Brexit achieved only a narrow victory. 48% of those who voted wish to remain in the EU. And had 16-17 year olds been allowed to vote on a decision that also directly affects them [as they had in the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014] then the vote would almost certainly have gone the other way. I hope that somehow we can limit the damage of this vote. The best way to achieve this would be through a second referendum or in a general election to somehow reverse or qualify this decision. Brexit is a grave mistake, and its political and economic consequences are becoming clearer by the day.

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