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Bordeaux 2008 at four years: Pomerol

Written by JW. Posted in Bordeaux

You can always rely on Pomerol to provide something lush. It’s a tough call arriving at these wines last as I did at the MW tasting, particularly after some hefty numbers in St Emilion, but the fact is that Pomerol’s wines felt more nimble on their feet than those of their immediate Right Bank neighbour. There was also freshness and delicacy here. Along with the reds of Pessac-Léognan, many of these Pomerols are attractive already, and should provide satisfying drinking in the medium term.

The picks? For those in a sexy, decadent and seductive mould Chateau Clinet, Chateau La Conseillante, Chateau La Croix de Gay, Chateau La Fleur de Gay and Chateau Petit-Village are in this category. If you want something more meaty and firmer then Chateau Gazin and Chateau Nenin have succeeded in this regard. For vibrancy, value and immediate drinking then look out for Chateau Beauregard. Sadly the JP Moueix wines were missing from the line-up. I’d imagine these to be in the vivid and vibrant category.

Chateau Beauregard

Deep, opaque at centre; earthy mature claret feel [thank God]; leafy easy palate with some vibrancy and appeal. Nice chew and decent extract and fruit. No blockbuster but good. 88

Chateau Clinet

Deep and saturated; red fruits and sexy oak, mocha and appealing  decadence here but without veering towards the plodding, often overdone St Emilion style; glossy palate, very sublimated feel but still managed to feel fleet of foot. 93+

Chateau Gazin

Deep and dense; full, spicy, meaty with savoury edge; this feels attractive; good palate, some tautness but depth and chew; again more vibrancy here than in St Emilion equivalents. 91+

Chateau La Conseillante

Deep and saturated look; some leaf and lift; earth too; intensity and depth to the nose; minty note; rich and velvety on the palate; blackcurrants with sweetness and tannin at the end. Lots of depth. Delicacy here. 93+

Chateau La Croix de Gay

Deep colour; denser at core; very toasty oak; sublimated fruit; plump and spicy like Christmas cake; thick palate with lots of saturation. Unctuous and saturated but not tiring. 91

Chateau La Fleur de Gay

Deep and saturated; almost the same; lush, oak and reduced/sublimated feel to the nose; very flattering to taste; cherry, chocolate and very ripe fruit; grip and tannin at the back. 91

Chateau Nenin

Deep looking; firmer nose; less showy and exotic [something of a relief]; more purity of fruit [the Delon guys]; firm palate, grippy with chew and extract. 89+

Chateau Petit-Village

Deep and saturated; sexy and sweet nose; lush and ripe; similarly lush and ripe on the palate. Good effort. 91+

Clos René

Deep and saturated; earthy note; richness; some undergrowth on the palate alongside the fruit. Good-ish 88+

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